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When Your Wellness Routine Causes Stress

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10/4/2017 – Current Reads

  The Four Tendencies - Gretchen Rubin  I read this book like it was my job. It is an incredibly interesting and quick read. Gretchen Rubin presents the idea that each of us has a tendency in regards to how we... Continue Reading →

10 Surprising Children’s Books You Need in Your Adult Life

Cursed: Part 1

She always wondered if she was cursed. Not the, “Oh, I keep having terrible days” kind of cursed, or the lightning bolt on her forehead kind of cursed, but a deep, intense, the entire universe is conspiring against her, legitimately... Continue Reading →

All The Wrong Things

I read all the wrong books I went all the wrong places I ate all the wrong foods I said all the wrong goodbyes I spent all the wrong time with all the wrong people I drank all the wrong... Continue Reading →

No Vacancy

Crawl back into the darkness Slither back into the void Snuff out your torches Pack up your polos  March your hateful rhetoric home You aren't welcome here

Isn’t Your Heart Full?

I cannot seem to understand how hate can reside in a heart. How is there room?  Isn't your heart full of love? Love for your life?  Love for your friends?  Love for your family?  Isn't your heart full of hope?... Continue Reading →

Don’t Diminish Me

I am more than nail polish.  I am more than earrings and hand bags.  I am more than dresses and long hair.  I am a woman.  I am a woman in my stretch-mark covered hips and in my deep and... Continue Reading →

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